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A Digitised Future For Africa's Transport Sector

Transport is a necessity in the daily lives of most people, and the basis for all our socio-economic interactions. However, in many African countries, adequate transport facilitation falls far short of society's demands. This has resulted in transport businesses having to re-examine their operating procedures, and in particular how to improve the efficiency of payments through digitization. Innovative technology offers them a way to solve some of the problems associated with customer interactions, and at the same time gives them better control of their operations.

Improved access and coverage of mobile connectivity across Africa has increased consumer appetite for the use of quick, easy payment methods offered by digitisation. However, a majority of commuters still pay for their daily transport with cash, since most transport operators are unable to provide digital payment solutions for their customers. Implementing simple, digital payment solutions has the potential to transform both the formal and informal transport sectors in Africa, to enhance customer experience and enable owners to accurately track cashflow, as well as address the ever-present issue of financial inclusion.

Governments, regulators and businesses also have a critical role to play in building the infrastructure needed to iron out any non-technological barriers in the transport industry – so that digitization can be implemented and enabled, and in turn boost economic growth and development.

Waxd's biometric payment authentication system provides a cashless payment solution that can be used across multiple forms of transport, and that meets the needs of commuters, drivers, owners, merchants and retailers

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