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Our Technology

Biometric technology


Biometric authentication for payments is the way the world is heading. Digital privacy and safety has been revolutionized by biometrics, which has also become prominent in the world of payments and finance – because it is really easy to use, and can facilitate secure, cashless transactions. By offering biometric payments businesses gain a competitive edge. Biometric technology strengthens the security of a POS system through its superior fingerprint authentication method. This increases existing customer trust and offers better business opportunities with new customers. With security and the threat of identity theft evolving at a rapid pace, biometric payments enable businesses to advance ahead of their competitors, by enabling them to offer their customers security with convenience. 


Contactless card payments


Waxd POS technology also allows for NFC card payments that are fast, secure, and convenient - and that simplify the payment process.


Waxd's innovative POS technology offers many benefits, including reducing the costs of handling cash for businesses, and the risk of cash-in-transit theft and other cash-related crimes against individuals and organisations. It presents the opportunity for understanding the economy through market visibility, and leveraging growth in countries where money transparency and traceability is a challenge due to informal business markets. Cashless payments boost economic growth. They also reduce the production costs of physical currency and benefit the economy of any country.


The digital payment revolution is growing exponentially, and Waxd Solutions is at the forefront of developments, committed to providing technologically advanced payment solutions, to helping economies go cashless in an affordable, easy, safe and sustainable way, and to enabling financial inclusion for everyone.

Secure Cloud Services


Waxd's cloud services enable a range of functions and services in near Realtime, including:

  • Cloud matching of Prints: With our POS devices, you can match fingerprints against a central database of users (participants).

  • Device management: Our devices are an asset to your business and so should be managed. With device management, you can know the location of your devices and their hardware versions, view all users of the devices and their corresponding transactions, monitor abuse to the devices (via the accelerometer), manage the firmware versions of your devices, and remotely update the firmware of your devices yourself or through our hardware partners (over-the-air updates).

  • Transaction engine – Design and record your required transactions and sub-transactions. Each transaction can initiate other actions or sub-transactions - like sending SMS’s or interfacing with third-party systems. This gives users a full ledger view of everything that happens in the system. 

  • SIM management: This allows you to activate or deactivate a SIM, and lock a SIM to a device so that it will not work with any other mobile device or phone. Monitoring of data consumption and putting watchdog alerts in place is also an important feature of SIM management

  • API Gateway: We have a fully documented API gateway for our business partners that allow them to tightly integrate into our system. This includes pulling data from our system to a third party system.

Our Terms

Download a copy of our terms here.

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