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Enabling business ecosystems and financial inclusion


Waxd POS Ecosystem


Our revolutionary POS payment ecosystem is opening up new ways of doing business.


Digital payments need to happen when and where business takes place, and Waxd brings together all transaction, location and biometric identity information to enable multiple transaction-based scenarios, driven by a token-based walleting system.


Transport Ecosystem

Millions of people in Africa depend on public transport as the only means of getting from one place to another. Yet the public transport system that services the informal sector faces many major challenges, such as a lack of payment integration between different forms of transport within a city, and a huge reliance on cash-based fare collection systems.

Waxd's biometric payment authentication provides a cashless payment solution that can easily be used across multiple forms of transport, and that meets the needs of commuters, drivers, owners, merchants and retailers.

Agriculture Ecosystem

Waxd's POS Ecosystem opens the high-impact agricultural sector to new and better ways of operating, and enables a cashless logistics network, and the tracking and payments of goods as they move through the Agricultural ecosystem.

Retail l FMCG Ecosystem

Retailers face major FMCG supply chain challenges in the informal sector. Our POS system opens up the Retail and FMCG industry to innovative ways of doing business.

Financial inclusion is critical to the long-term reduction in poverty and to the achievement of economic growth in Africa



Of people in Africa are unbanked

1 billion

Globally lack access to a transaction account


of MSMEs in emerging economies lack credit access


of 17 SDG's are enabled by financial inclusion

Why Financial Inclusion Matters

Having access to a wide range of financial services is necessary to empower people in both rural villages and in urban areas to manage their finances, plan for the future and deal with the impact of unexpected life events. 


Financial inclusion gives the informal market an opportunity to grow a business and change their communities. Innovative technologies are required to disrupt the current status quo and revolutionise financial services for the unbanked – in an immediate, reliable and affordable way. 

Financial inclusion is an important building block for both poverty reduction and opportunities for economic growth, and access to digital financial services are critical for becoming a part of the new digital economy.


Giving Africa access to digital financial services

is the best solution to financial exclusion.

This is the revolution that Waxd is driving.






Waxd's POS Ecosystem puts financial freedom at the tip of your fingers, by enabling a whole new world of payments through biometric authorisation or NFC payments. All at minimal cost. Across many different ecosystems - from transport to agriculture to retail - the Waxd POS system offers payment integration, financial accountability and better business reporting. Our technology helps overcome the challenges that cash presents in any economy. 

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Waxd's Cloud Services offer another level of technology, in addition to the functions and data contained on our POS device. The Waxd POS Ecosystem enables fingerprint matching against a central database of users in near real time, pinpoints the location of our POS devices, and identifies users of the devices and important information regarding their transactions.

Cloud Matching
Transaction Engine
Device Management
SIM Management

Unlocking the value of

location information

Location information combined with other information can be extremely valuable. With the increase in smart phone penetration into Africa, the value of location information is also increasing, and moving from consumers to the business world.​


Waxd offers an advantage over other players in the location services space with biometric technology that opens up new use cases for location information dependent solutions.​ Waxd can unlock value in many different areas within an organisation:


Supply Chain Management: In the movement of goods and services from origin to the point of consumption, it is essential that an organisation is able to track these goods and services. Waxd aids the tracking of goods with real time transaction data and enables physical proof of receipt primarily through biometrics. By tracking how goods and services are consumed through analytics, businesses can better manage their supply of goods and services.


Field Workforce Management: When a company's resources are employed offsite, rather than on company property, it may be critical for an organisation to be able to account for the physical location of their employees, to ensure products and services are delivered in required time frames. 


Asset management: Managing physical assets in organisations can be challenging, especially in large organisations spanning multiple geographical locations. Waxd helps organisations to determine chain of custody and location of assets - by enabling proof of presence when assets are transferred - thereby ensuring that physical location logs and proof of receipt are always retained.

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