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Digital Authentication And The Biometrics Revolution

Today businesses are focussed on growth in a complex digital ecosystem, which means they must effectively manage the security risks of digital authentication. Both verifying and protecting consumer identities are the main aims in providing effective authentication solutions - and biometrics offers a cybersecurity solution to both the prevention of fraud and digital identity theft.

Cyberattacks are a very real threat in today’s technological world, which highlights the need for more robust authentication solutions. Antivirus tools are no longer guaranteed protection against existing and developing cybersecurity threats. Similarly, the use of passwords is no longer sufficient to prevent hackers from accessing our digital information, unless enhanced by two-factor authentication which brings the added problem of requiring a second device. Biometrics, however, offers the convenience of not having to worry about losing your card or device, and provides advanced security due to the fact that the authentication information is a part of your body.

Digital security breaches are happening every day, and this highlights the need for change in the world of digital identity protection, particularly a reliance on passwords. Alternatives include the use of PINs, tokens and push notifications. But it is biometrics that is rapidly growing in popularity as a more advanced method of digital authentication and one of the best and safest authentication solutions, as it enables people to become the ‘key’ to safely and easily accessing their digital information, without the need for passwords or additional tokens/devices, and represents a major turning point in the authentication landscape.

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