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Digital Technology Plays A Critical Role In The Transport Sector

A rapidly growing population and increased urbanisation are both factors which will have a marked impact on South Africa’s transport industry, particularly demand for both formal and informal public transport. In order to meet this demand, the transport sector must embrace digitisation.

Introducing new and improved technology in the transport sector can translate into future economic growth through improved infrastructure, connectivity and smart mobility. This can be expedited if the government partners with organisations in the private sector to enable the implementation of much-needed solutions - like Waxd Solutions recently partnering with the Rustenburg municipality to implement its cashless payment ecosystem for Rustenburg Rapid Transport's innovative Yarona Bus project.

Technology also allows stakeholders to take advantage of data collection capabilities. This data is critical to enabling an efficient, integrated system across all modes of transport. The data collected by smart technology allows the government to monitor and improve infrastructure, whilst at the same time enabling transport owners to improve their productivity and service offerings, thereby improving the overall customer experience too.

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