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Empowering Women In Rural Agriculture

Empowering women, particularly in the rural, small-scale agricultural sector is critical to fighting poverty and hunger in rural settings, with women making up over 50 percent of the agricultural workforce in Africa alone. Women are faced with gender discrimination with regards to accessing farming resources such as land and inputs, credit facilities, high-value agrifood chains and bringing their products to market. Enabling women with the same opportunities as men, has the capability of increasing agricultural production by up to 4 per cent.

Women play an invaluable role in ensuring the sustainability of rural households, and making notable contributions to agricultural production, food security, natural resource management and climate resilience.

Rural women continue to face barriers to success in participating in agricultural food chains, although their capabilities and participation in the industry is clear, so empowering them with technological tools which can help them overcome these restrictions would go a long way to reducing their discrimination in the rural agriculture sector.

Waxd is able to contribute to empowering women in agriculture by increasing their ability to access financing through their cashless agri-ecosystem which manages micro-financing, and by enabling female farmers to get their goods to market through a cashless logistics network.

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