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GPS-Enabled Tech Provides Valuable Location Information

The use of GPS enabled location technology is a valuable tool which can be used to enhance many aspects of the business ecosystem across a broad range of sectors. Mobile phone transaction technology can benefit from an enhanced level of security provided by GPS location services. The location of the mobile device confirms the location of the individual performing the transaction, providing data that can be used to assist in fraud prevention. Additionally, this geolocation information can assist financial service providers in customizing its content and services.

GPS location data also enables businesses to pinpoint the location of their goods, employees and shipments. This real-time location monitoring allows companies to not only know where an item/person is, but also to know the timeframe and speed at which it is travelling. The analysis of this location data allows fleet managers to better plan routes, increase security and operational efficiency, improve employee performance and provide complete supply chain transparency.

In fact, GPS location information leads to increased operational efficiency and lowered costs in field workforce and physical asset management too. This technology holds the key to transforming entire operations and providing further performance and security guarantees.

With increasing digital connectivity across the African continent, Waxd's advantage of biometric technology coupled with GPS location information enables us to unlock valuable solutions in a number of areas within organisations.

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