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How Financial Inclusion Can Benefit Africa's Rural Population

Financial services as a whole have shown significant growth in the areas that can positively influence rural households in Africa by providing access to savings, loans, and transactions as well as in assisting small businesses. These financial service offerings, when customised and supported, can eventually grow in scale to enhance economic empowerment in the eradication of poverty.

Microfinance companies have the ability to meet these financial needs, and provide not only loans, but also saving and insurance products tailored to suit low-income households. If issues facing the microfinance industry can be sorted out, the low number of financial service providers prepared to offer products to enterprises in rural communities will increase, allowing these individuals to grow and improve their business operations, profitability, and ultimately their whole life.

The enablement of financial inclusion in Africa holds the potential to address issues such as poverty, lack of access to goods and services, and low employment levels, which will even have a positive effect on social and psychological issues. Improved availability of financial services leads to growth in income and financial stability for rural small businesses, which can eventually have a positive effect on other factors such as access to education and jobs. Although microfinance can't completely transform African economies, it can make very real and sustainable contributions by providing basic financial services and credit facilities to low-income individuals. Microfinance has the significant benefit of being able to empower people with pride, self-esteem, and the funding to grow and develop their enterprises.

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