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Why We're Waxd

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Waxd is an innovative Fintech company, based in South Africa, that is revolutionising the digital payment industry, using biometric technology. Our passion lies in enabling new business models through technology, and providing innovative solutions to our clients, whether they are a business or a mass consumer. We’re helping drive economic growth through financial inclusion and enabling economies to go cashless. Our digital financial solutions make it possible to lower costs, increase the speed of transactions, provide transparency and security, and make financial services available to the unbanked. We’re also unlocking the value of location information, and revolutionising multiple industries, including the transport, agriculture and retail industries.

Waxd is opening up new ways of doing business and enabling biometric payment authorisations, which ensure that secure payments can be made with no cards, at minimal cost, and with no transaction fees (although we do cater for NFC payments). Our POS ecosystem benefits everyone, from big businesses right down to the lowest-income unbanked individuals.

Digital payments need to happen when and where business is taking place, and Waxd brings together transaction, location and identity (biometric) information to enable multiple transaction-based scenarios, driven by a token-based walleting system. Waxd is taking biometric technology to a new level, by opening up the possibility of digital payments being made using biometric fingerprints alone, which removes the need to carry a card or mobile device.

The digital payment revolution is growing exponentially, and Waxd Solutions is at the forefront of developments, committed to providing technologically advanced payment solutions and to enabling financial inclusion for everyone.

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